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M Dialysis AB is a Swedish medical device and research company that is an offshoot from CMA Microdialysis AB that was founded in 1984.

M Dialysis’s unique and market leading solutions are developed, produced and sold to clinicians and researchers to enable optimized patient care and accelerated drug development. The complete line of microdialysis instruments, consumables and computer software are used globally by universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies as unique tools for in vivo sampling and monitoring of organs and tissues.

The core competence lies within solutions based on the Microdialysis technique. The products are produced in Sweden under ISO 13485 and according to FDA standards. With a highly specialized and skilled staff, consumables are manufactured in a Class 8 clean room environment.

The head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden, with a subsidiary north of Boston, USA.

M Dialysis develops, produces and markets tissue monitoring solutions for neuro and reconstructive surgery. The company also offers clinical research solutions for many other applications within General Intensive Care, Liver & Gastrointestinal surgery, Metabolic research and Drug Monitoring. The Product portfolio is mainly based on the ISCUSflex platform and a broad range of tissue and peripherial blood Microdialysis catheters.

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Dirinco being an independent company, with more than 3 decades of experience in marketing healthcare products. The company is privately held by the founders. With its roots in haemodialysis, Dirinco has become an expert in extracorporeal circulation treatment of renal failure and catheter lock solutions.

Today the company holds a premium position in the healthcare market, focusing on the areas of nephrology (e.g. hemodialysis) and intensive care (e.g. hemofiltration and sepsis). We have strong business relationships with management, pharmacies and purchase departments of hospital organizations.

We have a direct sales and service organization for the Benelux and we offer our innovations through our network of dedicated distributors such as in Switzerland; COR7 GmbH.

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Vycor Medical was founded on this basic challenge: “There must be a better way”
A better way to access surgical locations without unduly damaging surrounding tissue. A less invasive means to perform critical procedures, so that collateral trauma can be minimized and postoperative recovery accelerated.
Vycor Medical is committed to making neurosurgical brain, spinal and surgical procedures safer and more effective. Vycor Medical’s innovative medical instruments are designed to optimize neurosurgical site access, reduce patient risk, accelerate recovery, and add tangible value to the professional medical community.


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Transonic’s passion for providing the world’s most precise biomedical measurement solutions began at Cornell University where founder Cor Drost conceived a sophisticated and groundbreaking ultrasound transit-time solution for measuring volume blood flow. What started as a novel idea grew into an international corporation which has revolutionized the field of blood flow measurement. Since then, Transonic® has adapted flow innovation for broad use, evolving to meet the many needs and challenges of the medical and research communities. Today, the Transonic® family of companies offers measurement solutions for flow, pressure, pressure volume and telemetry along with an increasing variety of cardiovascular measurements that help guide treatment and research. The precise real-time outputs of these measurements facilitate better biomedical research and clinical outcomes. 

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